Puppy Prep School

Puppies are absolutely wonderful - and a HUGE amount of work. They need lots of training, time, and love. You only have a few weeks to socialize them since they race towards adolescence. And socialization is tremendously important for dogs. They need lots of contact with lots of dogs and lots of people to learn how to navigate our world politely as they grow to adulthood.

If you're thinking of getting a puppy, or you have just gotten one and you have lots of questions - this is for you!

Examples of some questions you may have:

When should you go to puppy class (and yes, you should go to puppy class!). Should you crate train and how do you go about it? How does potty training work and how do you deal with 'mistakes'? What is positive reinforcement training and why should you use it?

The package consists of two hours of training and early problem solving (we come to you) with email support for questions. Plus any combined obedience or puppy class.

Happy Training!

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