Training Resources

The resources here are all recommend positive reinforcement techniques. There are other methods, and while they may work (temporarily), or be needed in more extreme cases after trying everything else, they do NOT promote a good relationship with your dog. As one very good trainer put it - ‘it’s not about the collar, it’s about the leash’ . 

Definitely do your homework, but don’t discount going to a class or getting help with specific problems. Trainers can help you pick up on any mistakes you may be making, and get you and your dog to where you want to be much faster and easier. An article can give you the concepts but live help is invaluable.

Please note that at the time these links were posted the pages were in alignment with my own philosophies. I check links from time to time but I take no responsibility for the opinions, and information expressed there. 

Happy training!

Puppy Resources

Every now and then, things just don’t work the way you expect them to. Usually it’s a fairly simple breakdown in communication between you and your puppy. Don’t hesitate to ask a trainer to help you find the disconnect. The puppy weeks and months are unbelievably important in learning and building a relationship for your puppy! Best to get it right the first time!

General Information :

After you get your puppy  Ian Dunbar e-book

Mouthing : 

How to Train a Puppy That Bites WebMD Article 

Potty Training :

How to potty train a puppy article

Socialization : 

Socializing Your Puppy ASPCA article

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